Tube race is postponed

The route

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Who should take part


Business and Corporate!

Companies, branch offices, divisions, departments etc. join in the fun, use this as an excellent team building exercise to show your colleagues or competitors who’s the boss.


Adventurous Fun Lovers!

Bring your family and friends along for an unforgettable experience tube rafting down the Mighty Umzumkulu River. Your team can take it serious and race competitively, or you can float down the river at your own pace, whatever floats your boat (tube).


  • float on air inflated tubes in their natural state, not encased by any means, no rigid structures (PVC, steel aluminium, wood etc)
  • no protrusions may extend from any sides of the tubes.
  • any raft considered dangerous by the marshals will be disqualified and will not be allowed on the river.
  • have a minimum of two or a maximum of 9 crew members per raft.
  • be propelled by a single ended paddle (no oars) per person tied to the raft. No other type of propulsion will be permitted.
  • have a entry number on the side of the raft which must be clearly visible from all sides for safety purposes.
  • no cargo netting, shade cloth or covering of any sorts will be permitted on the rafts, as this creates a safety risk.
  • no glass bottles, glasses or containers allowed
  • no alcohol visible or consumed at the start site
  • own alcohol not allowed on the end site
  • participants are requested to remain sober whilst on the river
  • see entry form for all the rules